One Last Thought About Blogs (2015-04-08)

One Last Thought About Blogs (2015-04-08)

One other interesting use of the blog format is as a sharable database. I’m familiar with this because both my wife and son are avid and adventurous cooks, and the Internet is full of food blogs with recipes. They, like many people, use this as huge cookbook with each chapter written by a different cook. This usage is so common that several inexpensive apps have been developed to easily create a personal database from recipes found online.

My wife and son use one called Paprika: If one finds a recipe on a food blog that one wants to add to one’s personal database, it makes it possible to transfer the recipe (including pictures) to one’s own computer with just a few clicks. (Most food blogs conform to a standard format that Paprika can read and duplicate locally.) Paprika is a brilliantly designed relational database with numerous useful sorting and searching functions. There is no problem with modifying a recipe or adding one’s own, and it’s easy to share one’s database entries with another Paprika user. © Ken Stange 2012-2015